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Delaware concealed carry renewal - fill online, printable

Online Renewal Withdraw application on a new form ✓ Instantly.

How to obtain a concealed carry permit in delaware in 6

PDF (MB) of the application and accompanying document(s) no later than your ten-year license expiration date, or thirty days prior to your license expiration day, whichever occurs first.  You can obtain the application online at or . If you don't get your application in quickly enough, you'll have to pay a 10 surcharge and resubmit it. The application fee is waived if more than twenty (20) years after the date of your last renewal. To renew your license electronically: 1. Go online and use the search bar to search the state of Delaware for your current information. 2. Under your name, click the “Apply for Expired License” link. 3. Enter your date of birth and select a “Current” application, indicating your current license expiration date. 4. Under your Delaware driver's license information, click on “Request Expired License”; you will then be prompted to enter a new birthdate and then submit your.

Delaware concealed carry renewals during covid-19 crisis

We are offering the first installment of a comprehensive service to those drivers who need one for their CCPD. It is important to note: • Drivers who are required to have a valid CCPD permit and are looking to renew or re-apply can do so online by CLICKING HERE. • Drivers who are not required to have a CCPD permit and do NOT need a CCPD permit can renew or have the application mailed to them by CLICKING HERE, or by FOND DU CRETE! If the expired permit is on your license, it will need to be returned to the DSS office at the address above. • Drivers who must renew or replace a CCPD permit can do so via mail by Clicking HERE. • A non-refundable 14 fee will be added for all permits. The renewal process will take 3 weeks. (This fee covers the cost of renewal, and the state of.

Instructions new applications for a license to carry a

In order for your application for a license for a Concealed Carry of a Deadly Weapon to be processed, your completed application must include your full legal name, date of birth, Social Security number, residence address, driver's license number, and photograph. To ensure a receipt, please include a copy of your application or the receipt from the sheriff's office. The following counties will no longer issue a concealed carry license for a handgun and will send you a letter to obtain a temporary license to carry. County Name: District of Columbia Division Number: License: No. 20921091 Mail-IN/Mail-At: US Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives Federally Approved Firearms Dealer Box 60083, Oklahoma City, OK 733 Fax: FAX-IN: FBI 1301 Connecticut Ave NW Washington, DC 20226 The following counties will no longer issue a concealed carry license for a handgun and will send you a letter to obtain a temporary license to carry. County Name: District of Columbia. Division Number: License: No. 200990364 Mail-IN/Mail-At: District of Columbia.


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